Aquarium AMC

Aquarium AMC Service:


This contract is made and effective from ________________________________________.

BETWEEN:     Xplore Wiz (A True Smart Technologies Company)

AND:   _______________________________________________________

FOR GOOD AND VALUABLE CONSIDERATION, Anderson Aquariums agrees to provide the following services to the buyer.

Aquarium Maintenance Agreement:

Maintenance Agreement is constituted by the following services performed on a twice per month basis:

  • Inspection of water quality and making necessary adjustments
  • Inspect filters and filter media
  • Monthly water changes including salt mix
  • 5 Gallon Replacement R/O water
  • Inspect aquarium hardware and ensure best possible operation
  • Ensure optimum aquarium environment and inhabitant health
  • Cleaning of interior and exterior of aquarium of debris and algae

Any other services or goods can be made available at an additional cost to the buyer to be agreed upon before the provision of said good or service.

The agreed upon price for the above mentioned services monthly is on a ___ gallon saltwater/freshwater aquarium is _____ per month plus tax.

BUYER                                                           SELLER


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Any hardware or parts needed will be purchased for an agreed upon price at the responsibility of the buyer.